The Brick House Brewery is first and foremost a fully functional Brewery creating a variety of quality handcrafted beer. We are located at 67 West Main Street in the Historic Village of Patchogue. We are a family style restaurant and a great place to hold one of your memorable family or office events. At Night, The Brick House takes on a different feel as it morphs into a lively Music Venue focusing on local and original musicians.

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Dear Friends and Patrons,

Arthur here to give you the low down on what is happening in the brewhouse and what is coming to a glass near you. We released the last of our Belgian Series upon the world. The Flying Dutchman is an 8.2% Belgo-IPA that is chocked full of American hops and will plunder your liver of all its booty. We also just released a few new beers we are excited about, some old recipes and some new. Recently we came out with Son of Chugga which embodied the return of everyone’s favorite amber, Motha Chugga. The newest of the bunch is Walter Wit. This Breaking Bad inspired wheat beer was brewed with Grapefruit Peel and Grains of Paradise to make it a perfect summer quencher.
We also have a lot of new and exciting beers coming up in the near future, including a strong ale brewed with peaches and apricots, a session red IPA, and a beer we are making for the Patchogue sensation Alive After Five®. The beer will be called Alive After Lime. It will be a light pale ale brewed with lime peel to give a light refreshing beer to enjoy alongside some amazing live music. Coming up a bit farther on the horizon will be the return of Summer Buzz, everyone’s favorite honey beer. A bit after that we will be getting in a batch of Hefeweizen yeast to brew a few batches of hefeweizen and maybe even a weizenbock to finish it all off.
A fun new staff member has also joined the bar and his name is Randall the Enamel Animal. The Randal is an inline hop/spice infuser that we can hook any beer up to and infuse it with a variety of fresh hops, spices, or even coffee for the freshest most unique flavor you can get in a beer. Soon, once a week, we will have a “Randall Night” where a different one of your favorite beers will be infused with a variety of flavors for some unique beverages you never even imagined.
Finally we have started distributing our beer more widely so you can satisfy your BrickHouse fix without even coming to Patchogue! The lovely restaurants, Bubba’s Burritos in Islip, Relish in Kings Park, and Jackson’s in Commack, have all started carrying BrickHouse Beer on tap. So swing by and grab a pint and eat some delicious food while you are at it. We have also started distributing at the Swiftway Beer Distributor in Medford so now you can come and fill up your growler even quicker if you are in that area. It’s an exciting time to be at BrickHouse Brewery.
Arthur Zimmerman

Anonymous said: how old do you have to be to work here?!

16 and over.